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ECO-READY Annual meeting

ECO-READY Annual meeting

ENEA participates as partner to the EU project ECO-READY: Achieving Ecological Resilient Dynamism for the European food system through consumer-driven policies, funded by European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme.

In the frame of the ECO-READY project ENEA will organize the annual meeting and WP1 committee “Scoping and outlining the extended European Food Social-Ecological system” as well as the first Executive Board meeting part of WP7.

This project is dealing with food safety, climate change and biodiversity topics and is contributing to identify the impact of the various elements of the food systems on the food security with the aim of improving food safety a local, national and European levels.

The topic of sustainable, healthy and fair nutrition is a key element and represents one of the most important challenge for our society. In order to balance possible effects on the availability and affordability of food for the consumers, and also in order to protect from the economical point of view the agrifood operators, it seems necessary to identify and to evaluate these factors and also to release a live analysis of the critical data, to allow a realistic focus and to predict any vulnerability of the agrifood supply chain.

Therefore, the aim of the project is to identify, classify and evaluate the factors having an influence on the food security both at local and European levels. Furthermore, the development of 10 Living Labs in several european regions will consent an evaluation of direct and indirect factors which will elaborate a reference framework for the decision-making process.

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Inizio evento 06-12-2023 09:30
Termine evento 07-11-2023 17:00
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