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Pursuing Quantum Sensing for Reliable Roadmaps

Pursuing Quantum Sensing for Reliable Roadmaps

In the framework of the NATO Science for Peace and Security, ENEA - Italian Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development is pleased to announce the organization of an international Advanced Research Workshop on 5-7 December 2023 in its Research Center in Frascati (Rome), Italy.

The Workshop is organised by an international Committee lead by ENEA, and provides a forum for scientists, industry practitioners, and involved institutions to discuss the state of the art and a possible roadmap of Quantum Sensing for Security.

The main objectives of the Workshop (WS) are:

  • Reach a common view of Quantum Sensing applications with a particular focus on the Security field.
  • Identify the practical potential of quantum sensing for detection
  • Develop methodology for assessing practical applications of quantum sensing capabilities (benchmarking)
  • Define the practical potential of quantum sensing for detecting a variety of substances and objects vs classical detectors
  • Evaluate field applications of all quantum sensing tech (bringing techniques out of the lab, prototyping, transitioning to operational use)
  • Discuss and design together the future of these topics in the framework of the NATO SPS Programme and its international collaborations with several institutions (e.g. DHS – US).

The WS is not limited to academic and scientific topics; it will provide the opportunity to share ideas/opinions and to promote the cross-fertilization between different communities (quantum scientists, spin-off, SME, Technology providers, experts, heads of R&D departments etc).

The results of the Workshop will be published in a book edited by the Chairs and the Organizing Committee on specific topics, realized by special arrangement with Springer Science and Business Media in the NATO Science Series.






Caratteristiche dell'evento

Inizio evento 05-12-2023 09:00
Termine evento 07-12-2023 17:00
Luogo Centro Ricerche ENEA - Frascati (Roma)